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2 Night Cruise Things To Do

2 Night Cruise Things To Do in Freeport Bahamas

Things to do in Freeport Bahamas

2 Night Cruise Things To Do

Exciting activities, make the most of your 2 Night Cruise Things To Do adventure! Get tips on onboard fun and shore excursions. 954-969-0069

2 Night Cruise Things To Do In Freeport Bahamas

Dolphin Swim Experience, Lucaya
Participants in this popular program get the opportunity to swim with bottlenose dolphins.
Attraction type: Nature center; Tour
Underwater Explorers Society, AKA, UnExSo
Grand Bahama Island
Established in 1965, this is the world’s largest and most famous scuba diving school.
Attraction type: Tour
Rand Memorial Nature Center
Ms. Atlana Smith – Administrator
Rand Nature Center
P.O. Box F-42441
Tel: 242-352-5438
Fax: 242-351-4192
Freeport Grand Bahama
100-acre wildlife reserve featuring many tropical birds in their native habitat.
Attraction type: Nature center; Nature reserve. The Nature Center is open for self-guided tours, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday, and is closed on Saturday and Sunday. It also provides educational tours and is a great resource facility for ecological subjects. Among its programs geared at school children is “Adopt An Animal For Your Class,” which helps children learn about native animals and assist in conservation efforts.Port Lucaya Marketplace
This market is full of shops, restaurants, and local artists performing outside.
Attraction type: Flea/street market style; Town center/square/plaza Mall.
Walk to the beach and Casino at Our Lucaya
Garden of the Groves
also Parrot Jungle’s Garden of the Groves
Tel: 242-373-5668
Freeport Grand Bahama
This famous 12-acre park of beauty is unsurpassed in all of Grand Bahama has great 2 Night Cruise Things To Do, cascading waterfalls, botanical gardens, scenic trails, and a petting zoo with animals and tropical birds to feed and take photos with make this attraction a delight for kids of all ages.
Attraction Type: Garden; ParkGold Rock Beach

Part of The Lucayan National Park is protected by the National Trust. This beach is located east of the Island (about 25 miles from Freeport) and is secluded and spectacular at low tide. It can be accessed via tour bus or rental car. BBQ pits, picnic tables, and benches are available, but no other amenities. North of the beach, across the road, are the Lucayan Caverns, the world’s longest underground surveyed cave system.
This beach is as pretty as a postcard, with smooth white sands and clear blue waters.
Attraction type: Beach
Hydroflora Gardens
Grand Bahama Island
See over 154 carefully cultivated plant species at this botanical garden.
Attraction Type: GardenCooper’s Castle

Freeport Grand Bahama
Did you know that Freeport Grand Bahama has a castle? Along Freeport, Grand Bahama’s beautiful Southern skyline, you just might one day look up and see its frequently talked about castle on the 2 Night Cruise Things To Do. You will find at the top of the hill, is a present-day gorgeous castle occupied by a true “prince” and “princess” with the welcoming grace of the old days.
The imaginative businessman crowns himself prince of the island, and he’s built this beautiful castle to prove it.
Ask a cab driver or shuttle driver to take you there, but always ask how much the cabby or shuttle will cost.
Attraction Type: Castle

International Bazaar
Freeport Grand Bahama
Walk to the Casino at Royal Oasis Golf & Casino Resort
This popular shopping center features over 100 shops and restaurants from all over the world.
Attraction type: Flea/street market; MallSenses Spa & Fitness Center
Grand Bahama Island
Located at Our Lucaya Oceanfront Resort and Casino
Attraction Type: Spa
Theo’s Wreck
Grand Bahama Island
20 years ago this ship was transformed into an underwater monument by Theo Galanopoulos.
Now it seems to be on every Scuba Divers list of Dives to do.
Attraction type: Reef

Peterson Cay
It’s about a 30-minute boat or kayak ride to get to Peterson Cay, but it’s very secluded and you’re not likely to run into too many other people, other than small tours. Great to snorkel around!
Located a mile off the mainland shore, this small, often deserted island is a relaxing place for snorkeling and viewing birds.
Attraction type: National Park Casino at Bahamia
Freeport Grand Bahama
The 20,000-square-foot Casino at Bahamia opened as El Casino in 1967. It became Princess Casino and maintained that name until the sale to Driftwood Ventures, Inc. in May 2000. Table games in the Casino at Bahamia include double-odds craps, blackjack, casino war, roulette, let it ride, mini-baccarat, money wheel, Caribbean stud poker, Casino War, the horse race machine, slots, and the only full-service, Las Vegas-style sports book on Grand Bahama. The casino offers free gaming lessons and there are tournaments during the year. There is also great entertainment and dining at either the Crown Room (gourmet) or the Garden Café (casual) just check out the 2 Night Cruise Things To Do. The live review “Nightlife” is in the casino showroom with cabaret numbers and comedians. It is Now the Royal Oasis Golf & Casino Resort
Attraction Type: Casino
Kayak Nature Tours
Grand Bahama Island
Don’t want to explore underwater caves, dive deep, Then skim the surface on a kayak with this tour.
Attraction type: Tour
Taino Beach
Grand Bahama Island
Lovely beach, known for its remote stretches of sand.
Attraction type: Beach
UNEXSO is one of the most popular 2 Night Cruise Things To Do on Freeport Grand Bahama Island.
Dolphin interactions, scuba diving, snorkeling
Attraction Type: Other
Perfume Factory of Fragrances
This factory is housed in a beautiful 18th-century mansion and offers tours where you get to create your fragrance.
Attraction type: Factory tour

More 2 Night Cruise Things To Do

Another diving 2 Night Cruise Things To Do Treasure Reef, Grand Bahama Island
Named after the REAL treasure found in a sunken Spanish ship; now, this reef is explored only for its natural beauty.
Attraction type: Reef
Battery Hole, Grand Bahama Island
Turtles, crabs, and nurse sharks inhabit this small blue hole: a great place to spot all kinds of marine life.
Attraction type: Reef

2 Night Cruise Things To Do

Rainbow Reef, Grand Bahama Island
Staghorn and Elkhorn coral can be seen on this colorful reef.
Attraction type: Reef
Seahunt Reef, Grand Bahama Island
Named after a 1980s TV show, this reef is a popular dive site.
Attraction type: Reef
Burial Mound Cave, Lucayan National Park
Stalactites stalagmites and other unusual rock formations are featured in this cave.
Attraction type: Cavern/cave

Ben’s Cave, Lucayan National Park

This underwater cave is the only one on the island that can be dived: experienced divers only, please!
Attraction type: Cavern/cave; Geological formation

Casuarina Bridge , Grand Bahama Island

The island’s largest bridge stretches over the Grand Lucayan Waterway.
Attraction Type: Bridge

Zodiac Caverns, Grand Bahama Island
Chartered boats can take you to see this underwater cavern.
Attraction type: Cavern/cave

Mermaid’s Lair, Grand Bahama Island
The underwater cavern is a diving site only for adventurous scuba divers.
Attraction type: Cavern/cave

Dolphin Swim, Grand Bahama Island
Sign up for this program and swim with dolphins – they’re so cute you might want to take one home with you.
Attraction Type: The 2 Night Cruise Things To Do

Tour Xanadu Beach Freeport
This beach is best known for its water sports and lounging areas, making it a popular tourist destination.
Attraction Type: Beach

East End Adventures Safari Grand Bahama Island
Explore the Bahamian outback with knowledgeable, entertaining guides.
Attraction type: Tour

Fortune Hills Golf & Country Club
Grand Bahama Island
Nine-hole golf course in a tropical setting.
Ruby Golf Course
Grand Bahama Island
6,750 yards of championship golf course: what more could you ask for?
Emerald Golf Course
Grand Bahama Island
Trees, bunkers, and water hazards pepper this golf course for one challenging round of golf.
Attraction type: Golf course

Sanctuary Bay
Grand Bahama Island
This bay is known for its swimming with dolphins.
Attraction type: Bay; Nature reserve

Dolphin Close Encounter
Grand Bahama Island
Meet some of the ocean’s friendliest residents: they’re loveable, if not a little pushy, so why not meet them through this program?
Attraction type: Tour

Grand Bahama Wall
Grand Bahama Island
A mixture of coral reefs and spectacular wall sites lining the southern coast of Grand Bahama, a popular site for divers.
Attraction type: Geological formation; Reef

Old Bahama Bay
Grand Bahama Island
Marked snorkeling trails for seeing the beautiful marine life of the Caribbean.
Attraction type: Bay

White Sand Ridge
Grand Bahama Island
Shallow sea bank: scuba diver haven and dolphin hangout.
Attraction type: Geological formation

Mount Olympus
Grand Bahama Island
This dramatic underwater mountain is a popular diving site among scuba divers.
Attraction type: Geological formation

Pygmy Caves
Grand Bahama Island
Divers dig this beautiful coral reef, full of colorful creatures.
Attraction type: Reef

Silverpoint Reef
Grand Bahama Island
Explore this coral reef and get to know firsthand the beauties of the sea.
Attraction type: Reef
Gold Rock
Grand Bahama Island
Breathtaking color and a spectacular array of marine life: this coral reef is a popular spot for divers.
Attraction type: Reef
Shark Alley
Grand Bahama Island
Sharks love this reef because they get fed; tourists love this reef because they get to see sharks.
Attraction type: Geological formation 2 Night Cruise Things To Do Dolphin Dive Grand Bahama Island
Dolphins are guaranteed: two friendly Bottlenose dolphins hobnob with interested divers.
Attraction type: Tour
Mermaid Kitty
Grand Bahama Island
Large, glass-bottom boat offering panoramic views of the island’s spectacular marine life.
Paradise Watersports
Grand Bahama Island
Equipment for all kinds of water activities, from glass-bottom boats to snorkeling and diving gear, to waterskiis.
Running Mon Marina
Grand Bahama Island
Charters boats for deep-sea diving expeditions: a great opportunity for the fishing aficionado.
Deadman’s Reef
Grand Bahama Island
Attraction type: Reef
Grand Bahama Museum
Multimedia exhibits inform interested visitors about the history of the island starting with the Lucayan indigenous tribe.
Attraction type: History museum
Goombay Park Straw Market
Haggle your way to buying some of the most splendid crafts on the island.
Attraction type: Flea/street market

The Bahamas’ Arts and Straw Market

The Bahamas’ Arts and Straw Market is another 2 Night Cruise Things To Do in
Local craftsman sells their jewelry and their wood and straw handicrafts at this market.
Attraction type: Flea/street market

Pinetree Stables

Offers horseback trail rides along beautiful beaches.
Attraction Type: Equestrian trail

Skydive Bahamas

Skydive Bahamas in Freeport Company operates skydiving trips for all levels of experience.
Attraction type: Tour

Lucayan Caverns

Lucayan National Park
An extensive underwater cave system – so big it hasn’t even been mapped yet!
Attraction type: Cavern/cave